Karriere nach 42

What will become of me then? The answer is 42

42 – This is how a career goes

Numerous possibilities and opportunities await you after completing your studies at 42 Vienna. The two mandatory internships anchored in the curriculum will help you get a feel for what it means to work as a tech expert. You will not only learn how to program, but also how to learn everything. This means developing skills that help you stay curious, be adaptable, and boldly take on challenges. Everything you need for your career in the leading tech companies.

Beruf als Net Administrator


Infrastructur management

With your technical know-how, you are also suited to become a system and network administrator, who deals with securing operational systems, networks and clouds.

Possible jobs:

  • Network Architect
  • Network Administrator
Game Developer


Software developer

With your technical skills and knowledge of any programming language, you have the perfect qualifications to become a software or full-stack developer.

Possible jobs:

  • Mobile App Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Web Developer
Software Entwicker Team


Creative industries

With your expertise in being able to solve tasks in a creative way, you are equipped for a career in creative industries and can work as a game or web developer.

Possible jobs:

  • UI/UX Designer



Through real-world projects and collaboration with companies, you’ll learn to bring digital ideas to life and what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Possible jobs:

  • Project manager
  • Data analyst
  • CTO
  • Founder

Step by step into your future at 42



Our curriculum builds on the innovative program of École 44 Paris and is used in over 42 campuses in more than 25 countries.

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Insight 42 Vienna. We let our 42 students have their say and give an insight into the life of 42 Vienna.

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We would like to give our talented but socially disadvantaged 42 students financial support and are currently developing a scholarship program. More on that shortly.

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