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We rewrite learning! Through lived practice, collaborative teamwork and flexibility, we are moving step by step together towards the future! Since January 2022 finally also represented in Austria with 42 Vienna.


About 42 Vienna

42 Vienna is part of the international 42 network. The private and free programming school stands for coding expertise, with an innovative educational concept. The core of the program relies on project-based peer learning – without books, classes or teachers. Students learn and work independently within a gamified project environment. In addition to the central topic of coding, the focus is on differentiated thinking, solution-oriented action and teamwork. The education at 42 Vienna is accessible to everyone and independent of educational level or credentials.


About the 42 Network

The first campus of the 42 programming school opened in Paris in 2013. The vision to create a new kind of programming education with a unique approach. The concept has since grown into a worldwide network of over 42 programming schools with over 15,000 students. With 42 Vienna, there is now finally also a first location in Austria.



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