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42 is an international, renowned programming school, which uses the revolutionary approach of Peer-Learning. With no degree requirement, it targets anyone above 18 years old with an ICT talent. 42 is a school with no teachers, no lectures, no fees. Only 100% Coding.

2-minutes introduction video

Our learning model

How to apply

To join 42 Vienna as a student there are 3 important steps in the admission process:

  1. Online logic games (duration 2h)
    Play two logic games that show us if you are eligible for becoming a 42 student
  2. Introduction Meeting (duration 1h)
    Meeting online or on campus where we explain the program in detail incl. Q&A
  3. Piscine (duration 4 weeks)
    4-week selection bootcamp where you learn to code entirely from scratch

More about Admission

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Why Austria? Why Vienna?

With its location in the heart of Europe, Austria offers magnificent landscapes, cultural diversity and an attractive business and innovation location. The federal capital Vienna is even considered the city with the highest quality of life worldwide. However, Vienna also offers space for talent as an educational location and an ecosystem that creates perspectives and enables personal development.

42 Vienna offers a unique tech education for coding talents. The programming school stands for open access and an innovative educational model - without teachers, without books and without fees. Campus 42 Vienna has been offering space for development and networking since October 2022 and will grow to around 500 students in the next three years. Further locations in Lower Austria (Amstetten) and Upper Austria (Wels) are being planned.

The 42 Network

When you become a student at 42 Vienna, you’re part of the 42 Network! Currently, there are 18,000 students, studying at 40+ campuses in 25+ countries all over the world.

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