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Coding is our passion!

42 Vienna | The tech training for future designers!

Learn to program like never before! Your way to becoming a programming expert - without courses, without professors, without tuition fees

42 is a software engineering school founded in Paris in 2013 that trains the next generation of computer programmers and future designers. The innovative learning model, embedded in an inspiring ecosystem, is currently available at 42 locations worldwide on all continents. At 42 Vienna you can finally study in Vienna from autumn 2022! 100% job guarantee!

Jetzt bewerben!


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The innovative learning model

Peer-to-Peer Learning & Evaluation

Working together on a project-based, peer-to-peer and gamified basis, evaluating each other - made for the future elite of programmers and software developers. What are you building up on the side? An international network of contacts and attractive career prospects.


Apply to us and become part of the 42 network

You must be 18 years old and have the absolute will to be one of the world's best programmers and computer scientists. That means perseverance, team spirit and perseverance. After going through the application process positively, you will become part of the 42 network. With your 42nd apprenticeship, exciting jobs in the economy - in Austria and internationally - are waiting for you after you graduate.


No prior IT knowledge required


No tuition fees

The training in detail

The training lasts at least 1.5 years and a maximum of 5 years, including the two 6-month internships.

  • Core training: 8 – 12 months
  • 1. Internship: 6 months
  • Specialization: 18 months
  • 2. Internship: 6 months
  • Masters level degree

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The application process


In order to be able to study at 42 Vienna, you go through a multi-part application process:





  • Piscine 1: 01 August – 26 August
  • Piscine 2: 29. August – 23. September
  • Start of training: October 03, 2022

The application period ends on August 19, 2022

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* "Piscine" is French for "swimming pool". The idea: You learn to swim by being thrown into cold water. So why not apply this tactic to our learners as well? During the Piscine, our applicants immerse themselves in the world of programming. By working on challenging projects and solving tasks in a team, you have the opportunity to find out whether the 42 Vienna peer-to-peer learning method really suits you. After the piscine, we carefully evaluate all applicants.

What you should know about the Piscine: There is no way to prepare for it. Only so much can be revealed, it is not a competition! Teamwork, cooperation and enthusiasm are success factors that will help you to master this challenge. Our recommendation: get a good rest and be ready for a lot of interaction and willingness to learn.

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