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How do I know what? The answer is 42 Vienna

42 – This is how CURRICULUM works

The 42 Vienna curriculum builds on the content and innovative program of École 42 Paris and is already used in over 42 campuses in more than 25 countries – now we’re finally bringing it to Austria with 42 Vienna!

All 42 Vienna students have the same starting point in the degree program. From there, they can decide which areas of computer science they would like to specialize in. The 42 education model is based on the peer-to-peer method, in which students learn by interacting with themselves and their peers. This type of teamwork fosters not only problem-solving skills but, more importantly, critical thinking. At their side, a competent pedagogical team that checks progress and offers assistance.

After the piscine, all attention is on projects on command line interactions, C programming and algorithms. This is followed by project topics on C Unix and web programming. Duration: 8 months
In the first internship you will test your skills and programming knowledge in the real world, on real projects. Duration: 4-6 months
The focus in this section is on the numerous projects that will challenge you with real-life problems. Duration: 1.5 years
During the second internship you are already living your dream and perfecting your skills in the real world. Duration: 6 months


The projects embedded in the curriculum are designed to teach you all aspects and skills of programming. Based on your skills and interests, you’ll develop a personalized portfolio for your future plans as a coder.

Step by step into your future at 42


Insight 42 Vienna. We let our 42 students have their say and give an insight into the life of 42 Vienna.


A successful future awaits you. Find out more about your career options and opportunities after your training.


We would like to provide financial assistance to our talented but socially disadvantaged 42 students and are currently developing a scholarship program. More about this in the near future.