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Wie beginnt alles? Die Antwort ist 42

The applications steps

Are you ready for 42 Vienna? Then let us guide you through the application process: After your registration on our platform, you get to prove yourself in two logic games. They show us whether you really have what it takes to be a 42 student. After that we would like to get to know you. In an online meeting you have the chance to learn more about us and the program. Once you’ve mastered these two steps, it’s time for the nitty-gritty: the piscine. The Piscine is an intensive on-campus training where you will program with other applicants for four weeks using C and Unix. If you’re successful, you can start at each new kick-off date. So, are you up for the challenge? Show us what you are made of!

Logic games

1. Logik Spiele

Nach erfolgreicher Registrierung auf unserer Plattform spielen Sie zwei Logikspiele, die uns zeigen, ob Sie ein geeigneter 42-Student sind. Dauer: 2-3 Stunden


2. Einführung

In diesem Online-Meeting haben Sie die Möglichkeit, das Team rund um 42 Vienna kennenzulernen und all Ihre Fragen loszuwerden. Dauer: 1 Stunde


3. Piscine

Ob Sie und das Learning Model 42 zusammenpassen, finden Sie in unserem vierwöchigen Intensivtraining auf dem Campus heraus. Dauer: 4 Wochen

The Piscine?

“Piscine” is the French word for “swimming pool”. The idea: you learn to swim by being thrown into cold water. So why not apply this tactic to our learners? During Piscine, our applicants dive into the world of programming. By working on challenging projects and solving tasks in a team, you have the opportunity to find out whether the 42 Vienna peer-to-peer learning method really suits you. After the piscine, we carefully evaluate all applicants.

What you should know about the Piscine: there is no way to prepare for it. Only this much is revealed, it is not a competition! Teamwork, cooperation and enthusiasm are success factors that will help you meet this challenge. Our recommendation: rest well and be ready for lots of interaction and learning.

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