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Life after 42

Numerous possibilities and opportunities await you after completing your studies at 42 Vienna. The two internships anchored in the curriculum will help you get a feel for what it means to work as a tech expert. You will not only learn how to program, but also how to learn anything. This means developing skills that help you stay curious, be adaptable, and boldly take on challenges. Everything you need for your career in the leading tech companies.

There are already thousands of alumni from our 42 Network around the world who prove our learning model and training works. Based on their experience, we can already give you an idea of your possible future:

Career Paths

Internships and Jobs

Having our students on site in the companies is the best way to experience the practical relevance of the 42 curricula. Our partners offer internships up to 6 months during as well as permanent jobs after the studies to our students. To having a great experience in working together we support our students and partners in networking actively. We help to ensure high level of satisfaction on all ends.

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Being a 42 Network Alumnus

42 is not one of those training programs who leave students behind and forget they existed. Students who complete the whole curriculum are still part of the community of Alumni and its global network. They have access to any campus in the 42 Network and all the events organized by 42 Vienna and the other campuses. There are more than 21.000 students, studying at 54 campuses in 31 countries all over the world!

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