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Our partners are convinced that 42 makes an important contribution to the future viability of our economy and society and support 42 Vienna in visibility and growth.

With their support, our partners offer IT talents a top education, but they also make a significant contribution to meeting the acute need for IT specialists. They benefit from personal contact and exchange with our 42 students. With their skillset, the 42 community develops answers to real problems, works together on hardware projects, hackathons or coding workshops and designs possible solutions for the future.

We are constantly looking for new, exciting partnerships. If you would like to become a partner of 42 Vienna, please send us a message to — we will contact you as soon as possible.

Industry Partners

Supporting Partners

Our partners speak for themselves

Daniela Drakulic

BEKO is colourful: we thrive on flexibility, open-mindedness and a solution-oriented attitude. Our company lives by these values not only in our daily work life, but also when choosing partners and future employees. We look for people who want to make a real difference: original, creative thinkers as well as real “doers”. The innovative learning method applied by 42, based on independent studying and solution-oriented teamwork, matches our BEKO philosophy which makes 42 coding school the ideal partner for us. Our partnership will enable us to identify future talent who does not only possess substantial technical abilities, but also creative problem-solving skills, and as well as a preference for working independently.

Daniela Drakulic CEO Beko
Nicole Ehrlich-Adám

Shaping the future means having courage and taking new creative paths. It also means having an influence on the here and now and taking responsibility. With our support of 42 Vienna, we create the right framework to enable creativity and innovation. Through modern and practical training, young, creative people get the opportunity to actively work on solutions and contribute their ideas.

Nicole Ehrlich-Adám Chief People Officer Evva
Dr. Klemens Springer

The partnership between 42 Vienna and ENGEL enables us to get in touch with conventionally unreached coding talents. True to the motto "Be the first", we at ENGEL see innovative forms of training such as that offered by 42 as a necessity in order to secure the workforce of tomorrow in the industrial region of Upper Austria.

Dr. Klemens Springer Head of Development Control & Portal Engel Austria
Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß

We see the concept of 42 Vienna as an opportunity - and for all those young people who prefer to acquire their specialist knowledge in the course of project work rather than in the traditional classroom. 42 Vienna offers practical training, the graduates of which we so urgently need in industry. That excites us - and that's why we proudly act as a partner.

Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß CEO / CFO / CSO Fronius
Karl Berger

Being digital natives and growing up with all the possibilities of digital life is the privilege of young people. But above all, we need well-trained digital natives who can shape the digital environment of tomorrow. For this, we need new training concepts and 42 Vienna is probably the leading offer here. That is why it is our concern and pleasure to support 42 Vienna as a founding member.

Karl Berger Vice President Greiner Packaging
Markus Hinterleitner

As a Tech company, we understand firsthand the challenges of recruiting the right personnel. At, our mission is to connect employers and potential employees. Our collaboration with the 42 Network is designed to provide students with skills that we believe will be crucial for their individual careers as well as contribute to the advancement of society.

Markus Hinterleitner Chief Product & Technology Officer
Gottfried Brunbauer

Digitalization will change familiar business models. Ambitious and highly qualified employees are needed to meet this challenge. The approach of 42 Vienna seems to us to be particularly suitable for producing such experts. Therefore, it was no question for us to support this initiative and the talents who want to use this opportunity as a partner.

Gottfried Brunbauer CEO LiSEC
Dr. Karl Masser

The shortage of software developers is one of the major challenges of digitalization in the automotive industry. Therefore, we are happy to support the initiative of 42 Vienna to inspire new talents to train as software developers through an innovative and practical approach. As one of the world's leading automotive suppliers, Magna offers interesting internships where students can actively shape the mobility of the future.

Dr. Karl Masser Chief Engineer Magna Powertrain | Engineering Center Steyr
Andreas Gschwenter

42 Vienna is a trendsetter for P2P education in the IT area. In an ever-changing environment, we need to strengthen our continuous learning skills and foster curiosity. We have great expectations in this cooperation.

Andreas Gschwenter Chief Operating Officer / Chief Information Officer Raiffeisen Bank International
Michael Linhart

We are proud to be a partner of 42 Vienna. The novel learning programme with its different IT specialisations is especially important for Raiffeisen Informatik. The teaching of social skills and project-based learning, e.g. with gamification modules, guarantees high-quality and interdisciplinary IT education in challenging times. We see the promotion of innovative coding education/school as an investment in a promising future. As a long-standing data centre operator, we look forward to working with the IT talents of tomorrow.

Michael Linhart CEO Raiffeisen Informatik
Andreas Fleischmann

IT experts are more in demand than ever - and the call of the economy for highly trained IT specialists will become even louder. 42 Vienna's education model - a peer-to-peer learning mode without teachers and frontal teaching - fits perfectly with the demands of the modern job market. That's why we are deeply committed to promoting accessibility to top-level higher education and, in turn, the free education of the IT elite of the future.

Andreas Fleischmann Board member responsible for financial markets and organization Raiffeisen Landesbank Niederösterreich-Wien
Yudan Lin

Digital Innovation is the outcome of trust. At Takeda in Austria, we are proud to collaborate with 42 Vienna and share our real life challenges. Together, we empower creative minds to master innovation methodologies and technologies. We look forward to building a new future with the talents and have great confidence in this cooperation.

Yudan Lin Digital & AI Innovation Lead Takeda
Dr. Andreas J. Ludwig

We are proud, as a co-initiator from the very beginning, to now bring this revolutionary, international coding education to Austria. In this way, we can make better use of the growth opportunities that digitization offers us in the future. This future-proof, free education is thus a unique win-win situation for students and business alike. We look forward to working with the next generation of software developers!

Dr. Andreas J. Ludwig Corporate Relations & Umdasch Group Foundation Umdasch Group
Nicolas Longin

For us as an industrial company with our own IT department, it was clear from the start to support the 42 Vienna initiative. One of our company values is: Pioneers out of enthusiasm! Progress and innovation only come about with courage and passion. And that's exactly what we see in this innovative educational concept.

Nicolas Longin MSc MBE CFO Welser Profile
Daniela Lidl

Hardly any industry has as many opportunities and facets as the IT sector. If you want to help shape the future of tomorrow, you've come to the right place in the world of Bits & Bytes. I am convinced that every background is valuable due to its own strengths, perspectives and experiences. What it still needs is the necessary skillset. This is what students find at 42 Vienna: She breaks new ground and provides the necessary soft and hard skills. I am happy to be on board with WienIT as a partner at 42Vienna and to welcome many new colleagues with their own individual skills in IT. The more, the merrier.

Daniela Lidl Managing Director Wien IT
Franz Puchegger

As a leading regional company in the fields of innovation and technology, we are very proud to support 42 Vienna from the very beginning. By financing study places, we want to enable young talents to gain a foothold in the IT world and strengthen it in the long term. We are looking forward to the cooperation!

Franz Puchegger Director Human Resources & IT Sustainable Energy Solutions Worthington Industries
Silvia Hruška-Frank

In the coding school 42 Vienna we see an opportunity to enable people to enter professions in which they can shape the technology of tomorrow.

Silvia Hruška-Frank Director Arbeiterkammer Wien
Mag.a Michaela Roither

The Federation of Austrian Industry Lower Austria is happy to support the project launch of 42 in Lower Austria, because it is already a major challenge for industry to recruit enough IT specialists and find reliable development partners with the appropriate know-how for digitization projects in industry. And this problem will only intensify in the future. The shortage of skilled workers is enormous, especially in the field of IT, and practical training of young talent is the guarantor for innovation and entrepreneurial success in the future.

Mag.a Michaela Roither Managing Director Industriellenvereinigung Niederösterreich
Christian Haberhauer

Master's level education directly in Amstetten is a great enrichment for the city and the region and strengthens the business location. The municipality offers the best conditions for students, from transport connections to our globally active companies.

Christian Haberhauer Mayor Stadt Amstetten