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Applicants from the Piscine in April 2023

About 42 Vienna

Austria — located in the heart of Europe — not only offers beautiful landscapes and cultural diversity but is also an attractive business and innovation location. In its strategy for the future, the country focuses on strengthening excellence and effectiveness as an RTI location as well as on expanding knowledge, talents, and skills for this purpose. In this way, Austria offers perspectives and space for people with ideas for a positive future.

42 Vienna sees itself as part of this ecosystem. In October 2022, the international programming school opened its first campus in Vienna Döbling. This makes 42 Vienna one of 54 locations worldwide with currently 21.000+ students. After Vienna, 42 plans to set up further locations in the provinces to train skilled workers where they are needed.

Founded in 2013, 42 is one of the most renowned IT training school at university level and relies on an innovative face-to-face and project-based peer-to-peer learning concept, without professors and without traditional learning methods. The school offers open access for everyone over the age of 18 and is free of charge for students, the operation is ensured by investors from the business world. This not only contributes to meeting the demand for IT specialists in companies, but also brings knowledge and competence to the region to be successful in technological competition.

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