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How to apply

Our application process consists of three simple steps:

Piscine: the Selection Bootcamp

The last step of the admission process is a 4-weeks immersive training bootcamp on campus in Vienna called Piscine. It’s the French word for “Swimming Pool”. The idea is that everyone learns how to swim by immediately jumping into the water. We believe it’s a similar feeling for all those who start programming. During the Piscine, candidates will dive into the world of coding. By working through challenging projects and solving daily assignments alongside your peers, you are given the opportunity to find out if the peer-to-peer learning method of 42 Vienna suits you.

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The Piscine is an immersive program with the mission to introduce you to your passion for coding, in collaboration with about 150 other candidates. You will spend 4 weeks, 7 days a week, day and night (including weekends) at the campus. As an applicant, you will have 24/7 access to our campus.

Right after the Piscine, we carefully evaluate each candidate and then welcome the most suited applicants to the 42 Vienna curriculum and community. There are many ways to prepare for a Piscine. Get plenty of rest beforehand, be ready to engage with your fellow Piscine colleagues and learn a lot! One good piece of advice: the Piscine is not a competition! Cooperation and enthusiasm are two success factors that will help you make it through this tough but unique experience.

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